A remarkable history

  • 1955

    Jaime Tur starts career

    Jaime Tur starts his career making excursions on a ‘llaut’ (traditional Mallorcan boat) ‘Le Toucan’ from Port Andratx to San Telmo and connecting the two shores of Port Andratx. In the next few years Jaime embarks on several ‘llaut’ boats, making excursions from Paguera and Puerto Andratx to San Telmo and Dragonera.

  • 1962

    Poverty forces Jaime to leave

    Great poverty forces Jaime Tur Mari (his father) to leave the island, where he joins a foreign yacht crew. Before leaving, he orders a llaut “Brothers Tur” from a well-known shipyard in Alcudia.

  • 1963

    Building excursions

    Around 1963/64 after military service, Jaime continues to make excursions on his llaut.

    In the following years Jaime works for several shipowners in the area such as Tomeu or Los Vera.

  • 1975

    Jaime buys first motorboat

    Jaime buys “MariVent” his first ‘golondrina’ motorboat.


  • 1977

    Protests on Dragonera

    In this Golondrina, he accompanies a group of young people who were protesting against the urbanization of Isla Dragonera. Years later he is associated with Tomeu de Calviá, with whom he forms Cruceros Paguera.

  • 1979

    Famous paella

    Slowly but surely, and as a result of the tourist boom, the fleet grows, first with Great Cormoran, then Cormoran and ‘New Cormoran’!

    The excursions and paellas are becoming more and more recognized. The family grows and the children join the business.

  • 1980

    growth of tourism

    The 80’s sees the explosive growth in tourism, with more accessible air travel, cheaper package holidays, and a growth in tour operators.

  • 1992

    The first catamaran

    The first catamaran is commissioned, with underwater vision. A delay in delivery sets the company back a few years.

  • 1995

    Entire fleet renewed

    Over the next five years the entire fleet is renewed, going from old wooden ‘golondrinas’ to modern catamarans.

  • 1998

    Tur shipbuilders is founded

    “Astilleros Tur” (Tur Shipbuilders) is founded to build two giant sailing catamarans, ‘Attraction’ and ‘Cormoran Vent’.

  • 2005

    Cruceros Cormoran is formed

    Cruceros Paguera is dissolved. The Tur family form Cruceros Cormoran and continue their solo journey with only two boats and an office on Bulevard de Paguera.

  • 2009

    Storm claims catamaran

    A fateful storm claims the catamaran ‘Cormoran Vent’, after breaking free from moorings, it is found destroyed on the coast of La Calma. The company immediately purchase the Tropical Delfin catamaran and start with a ‘day of the sea’ excursion.

  • 2011

    New excursions to Dragonera

    We start once again with excursions to Isla Dragonera with the ‘Jumbo dos’.

  • 2013

    Mallorca cat added to fleet

    Mallorca Cat is added to the fleet in order to cover the high demand for maritime excursions.

  • 2014

    Jet boat added to fleet

    We add the jet boat to the fleet in order to add variety to our excursions.

  • 2015

    Explorer added to fleet

    Mallorca explorer joins the fleet. We test the Dolphin excursion and it is a success.

  • 2016

    Collaboration with CSS

    The first collaboration with Citysightseeing Worldwide (CSS) in Palma, and will last 4 seasons.

  • 2017

    40th anniversary of protests

    40 years after the first event, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the protection of Isla Dragonera by bringing protesters to the island once again.

  • 2019

    New boat for Malaga

    An order for a new boat “Red Ocean” is received, to operate with CSS in the port of Malaga.

  • 2021

    Sustainable revolution

    We roll out a new brand message, that reflects our activities and our values.